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Item #: HMS-012



Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel, no matter level of clearance, are to enter HMS-012 ever. Approval from the O5 council is automatically overruled in all situations by the administrator. All civilians within a fifty-meter radius of HMS-012 are to be shot and terminated on sight. Bodies are to be immediately incinerated without question. Personnel are also to be terminated if attempting to enter HMS-012.

Description: HMS-012 is the room number 107 at a building assumed to be "████████"1, an elementary school located on an island on a miniature self-replicating atmosphere functional with a basic land and water function (there is no living biological cells on the island, despite maintaining the atmosphere required for cells to live) 4█,██ kilometers northeast to the north pole of Earth's moon. When any humanoid smells the room, a field eliminating all matter down to a pre-0.11 Hume level of reality measure, causing basic chemistry and atomic function to fail begins expanding from the teacher's desk at a rate of gaining approximately 0.2 meters per hour in radius. When the name of the school is spoken, the smelling effect gets stronger. Also found to take control of the mind of anyone who enters it. First, a faint ringing noise than the urge to investigate. After that effects are unknown to anyone who enters the room.

A rover was sent to the school for inspection. It got this image of a hallway before losing connection.

Testing log below.

Researcher Cook was sent to the site with a gas mask

Foundation: What do you see?

Cook: It's all run down. Looks like no one has been here for years.

Foundation: Weird. Make sure your gas mask is on correctly before opening any doors.

Cook: Definitely. I'm going to see what's in this room.

Foundation: Good luck.

Cook: It looks like a janitorial workroom. Super rusty toilet and no sink. The walls are lined with shelves. The shelves are full of ███████████.

Foundation: That's a really specific thing to carry in a workroom. Also nasty.

Foundation call monitor was later reprimanded for inappropriate discussion. It is unknown if this discussion is instigated by knowledge of HMS-012's existance.

Cook: I'm going to check out a different room.

Foundation: Good idea.

Cook: Opens another door

Foundation: What's inside?

Cook: It's an empty room other than the ██████ in the corner.

Foundation: Jeez, what kind of school was this?

Cook: I hear a faint ringing sound.

Foundation: It's just your mind. Ignore it.

Cook: I have to go check it out.

Foundation: We don't know everything about this anomaly. This could be something. Don't investigate it.

Cook: …

Foundation: █████ Cook what are you doing?

Cook: I have to investigate it.

Foundation: █████ Cook, don't do it.

An extremely high-frequency ringing noise emanates from the microphone, then an incredibly loud slam.

Connection was permanently lost and Researcher Cook was never seen again.

Rest in Peace to █████ Cook. Your soul lives on in the Foundation.

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