Mobile Task Forces

Mobile Task Forces are the military personnel that protect HMS. There are a few divisions of said task forces each trained in different scenarios, and any other stupid shit is going on inside. From branches that go in urban environments around HMS, task forces deal with aerial anomalies, or task forces that drench themselves in ketchup, grab a Glock-19, and shoot at anything they don't know about.


MTF SIGMA-78 ("The Butter Dogs.")

The butter dogs are a branch of STF that deal in tracking anomalies around the facility and its many sub facilities. They call themselves "The butter Dogs" because they saw that one video and made their own division.

"Whoever thought of the name is so fucking stupid. really? The fucking 'Butter Dogs'? get a better name dude." -Senior Researcher [REDACTED]

MTF ALPHA-02 ("Blue Left Hand.")

The Blue Left Hand is a Division of MTF that are comprised of mediocre agents. Their skill is average and there is no classified information about them. They report to the HMS site manager and are a versatile division.

"Damn these guys are pretty average, I do not know why I was given these guys. They are just the discount MTF division." -Site Manager [REDACTED]

MTF Un-3+4 ("Mallet up.")

MTF Mallet Up is a small division comprising of just infantry. They are a clean up team for
raids, containment breaches, and etc after MTF Upsilon-11 is done. They are called the "grunts" of the MTF by other MTF divisions aside from Alpha-02.

<Begin Log>

MTF Un-3+4 ("Mallet Up") is currently being judged by MTF commanders, and the 05 Council due to their recent failure during a major containment breach at Sub Site: [REDACTED] when two squads failed to terminate 3 D-class armed with USPs. The D-class were backed up at the Alpha Warhead and activated it. resulting in a large amount of casualties.

Current Status: Pending…

<End Log>

MTF Upsilon-11 ("One Tailed Fox")

An MTF division, nearly the best of the best, they are sent in to deal with many dangerous situations. either it being containment breaches, containing anomalies, and etc.

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